You need to know about these Chinese cuisines

The following will be explained the most popular Chinese food. China is known as a country that has many delicious specialties. Typical Chinese food rated deserves entry into the ranks of the most delicious food in the world and is worthy of being juxtaposed with typical meals of the elite European restaurant, following the 7 most popular Chinese food.

1. Peking duck

The food is made from duck is very popular with many people in the world. This food is processed by way of burnt first, given Sweet Sour marinade, then baked again so that it penetrates into the bumbunya.

2. Shahe

Almost the same as of the noodle, the noodle is Shahe is also a lot of devotees around the world. The difference is only on texture and shapes alone. Shahe fen has a texture chewier and has a smaller width.

3. Tamie Capcay

The cuisine of this one for sure so often we eat. Kentalnya capcay hot with extra noodles tamie makes this food so tempting. Tamie is a type of fried noodles dry.

4. Fu Yung Hai

You’ll definitely never eat this dish, right? Scrambled eggs are larger than is usually mixed with carrots, seasoning with sweet tomato sauce as a complement. Do not forget also added peas to it.

5. Bakcang

Food made of glutinous rice for the outer layer and contains meat. It could be beef, chicken, pork, or fungus is very good to try. The triangular shape is very practical to carry. Already tried it?

6. Bakpau

Who the hell is that dont like bakpao? Bakpao like bread made from wheat flour yeast fed with a very tasty stuffing. Originally, China’s own bakpao contains pork. However, when you sign in to Indonesia, bakpao has many variants of content. Like chicken, mushrooms, green beans, red beans, cheese, chocolate, and jam-jam other flavorings.

7. Jiaozi

Never eat dumplings right? The food is very similar to this one dumpling typical of Indonesia. Jiaozi itself is made from the flesh of the fish or shrimp are cooked until done. Then wrapped with dough made of wheat flour and starch. Awful!