Xmas is coming, Here is some food from around the world

Lots of Xmas food traditions in different countries. The following will at the present article deals with Christmas food traditions in different countries. Each region has a tradition of eating on Christmas day. For example, the majority of European countries serve the main meals of Christmas starting from the 24th of December or the day before the big day.

1. Polish
Poland has a tradition of great eating benjamin Wigilia or a Star called Supper. This meal features dishes such as borscht and dumplings.

2. Italian
In Italy, most families avoid meat on Christmas Eve and celebrate what it referred to Feast of the Seven Fishes where delicacies such as fried eel is presented as one of the performances. As for pastas, meats, and sausages made from the intestines of a pig is served on the next day.

3. German
Goose and red cabbage is also excellent food for Christmas in Germany. A legend says that those who don’t eat well on Christmas Eve will be haunted by demons.

4. Slovak

Slovakia also has some festive favourites the unusual, like kapustnica, soup, sauerkraut and fried carp. The eve of the feast, many families who bought goldfish and keep it for life served on Christmas Eve.

5. French
France has a tradition which is pretty sacred, where 13 desserts are created to honor Christ and the 12 Apostles, and were left for three days for people in need.

6. Japanese
Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan, where less than one percent of the population is Christian. Uniquely, most citizens of Japan instead of eating fast food fried chicken on Christmas Eve. Then no wonder if you see a row of line at fast-food outlets, such as KFC, on Christmas Eve.

7. Egypt
In Egypt, even though most Muslims, Christmas celebrations also no less festive. Own Egypt celebrates Christmas in quite different due to the use of the Coptic calendar. Many of Christians a special cooking food Egypt known as fata, a kind of lamb stew with rice, bread, and garlic.