Two methods to make a lovely cup of Cappuccino

The most infamous phrase you’ll ever hear everyday in cafés anywhere today’s world due to the great demand for this favorite drink among many is “I want a cappuccino please!”, Cappuccino is the most famous kind of coffee in the globe mixed with milk, which is topped with some foam or cream as a kind of decoration when served. It is a coffee of an Italian origin, consisting of a little espresso with milk and foam added. It can be decorated with cocoa powder or chocolate as desired.

Origin of Cappuccino coffee:

The origin of the word (according to references in Wikipedia page) goes back to the diminutive of the Italian word “Capocho,” which means a hood or something worn over the head. The name of the drink comes from the color of the clothes of the Capuchin monks and nuns, known in the seventeenth century, as they wore robes of a distinctive color that tended to be red-brown. The long, 犀利士 pointed hood was their distinguishing feature, and the brothers were soon given the nickname “Capoticians” (the hood wearers).

Cappuccino is a favorite drink in all cafes anywhere. The Italians were the first to make the cappuccino drink and it spread to all countries of the world. You can also make it at home if you do not want to drink it in a cafe, so follow us in these next lines to know how to prepare it.

How to prepare a lovely cup of cappuccino at home, The Ingredients:

1- A cup of instant coffee.

2- A cup of sugar, preferably ground to ensure it dissolves when mixing.

3- Cup water.

4- A cup of milk.

How to prepare the cup of Cappuccino :

1- Put the water, instant coffee, and sugar in a deep bowl, and mix the ingredients with a blender until the solution turns into a thick mixture in consistency similar to cream, as if the bowl is inverted, the ingredients will not fall out of it, and thus you have achieved the goal.

2- Place the mixture in a plastic container, make sure it is closed tightly, and place it in the refrigerator for an hour before use. You can then put it in the freezer for the next time.

3- Put the milk in a pot on the fire until it boils, then mix the milk with an electric (or manual) egg beater, so that air enters the milk, so white foam is formed, which will be placed with the brown foam that we made previously.

4- Take the closed box out of the refrigerator, prepare the serving cups, then put a spoonful of the whipped material in the box (this material will be separated into two layers if you put it in the freezer but not frozen), so try taking a spoon vertically to take from the light layer and the dark layer.

5- Slowly put the milk over the whipped material, then add the milk foam to create a shape with white and brown foam. If you want, you can use burnt sugar (from a caramel cream packet) and draw its shape with sugar. Enjoy your home made cappuccino.

How to prepare a cup of cappuccino with caramel, The ingredients:

1- Two tablespoons of cream.

2- Six tablespoons of powdered milk.

3- Two tablespoons of Nescafe.

4- Two tablespoons of ready-made cream, Dream Whip.

5- Two tablespoons of cream caramel.

6- Four cups of boiling water.

7- Half a cup of sugar.

How to prepare it:

1- Place (cream, milk, Nescafe, whipping cream, caramel cream, and sugar) in the blender bowl and mix them well.

2- Add boiling water to the blender without stopping mixing.

3- Pour the cappuccino into serving cups, Enjoy it.