Stay away from these diet methods

I’m gladly explaining in this article about awfully dangerous diet methods you should know if not done properly. Admit it, who would not be tempted by the way-the quick and easy way to lose weight? Because of this high demand, it’s no wonder that diet method that promises results drastically expanded rapidly in the middle of the community.

But you must know, it turns out that a number of diet method does not just make a hungry stomach, but are even harmful to th犀利士 e body, like the 8-following diet method.

1. Tapeworm Diet
Quoting, this method reportedly has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. They are committed to doing it and will swallow the pill of tapeworms.

So the tapeworm will grow and mature in the intestine, all-consuming food products until the target weight of dieters is achieved. This method is very terrible because the worm can grow into all six meters if not immediately treated!

2. Hollywood Diet
Jamie and Larry, creators of the Hollywood Diet, claim that their products and regimen will help reduce weight miraculously. You have to fast for 24 hours or more, thus helping weight loss 1-4 pounds in no time!

You should know this method can make the body so drop because the body in the condition is very hungry to achieve instant weight reduction.

3. Cotton Ball Diet
Many people think that diet is the only key to minimizing the volume of food that goes into the digestive tract. Not surprisingly, assumptions like this trigger such misleading Cotton Ball diet dieting.

Adherents of this method will add cotton balls on his drink to suppress hunger. But in fact, cotton sold on the market contains chemical substances that should not get into the body to make the bowel is clogged.

4. Feeding Tube
This method requires a food hose or tube (tube). For example, the source of food low in calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrate is pumped through a tube the size of spaghetti that is inserted through the nose and into the stomach empty.

The body you would enter the mode to ketosis, which allows faster fat burning. However, this diet method is very dangerous for disease sufferers who make low-sugar, low in calcium. In fact, it can make the body drop within a short time,.

5. Diet Lemon
Based on the book “The Master Cleanser” by Stanley Burroughs, a lemon diet is often done because it is considered a fast weight loss. Because you guys are living supplying the body with lemon juice instead.

Whereas drinking lemon juice not only can eliminate fats but also eliminate muscle mass and power.

6. Sleeping Beauty
Arguably this diet method is one of the most dangerous methods to do. Because we are forced to drink certain medications so that sleep is not just within the size, but also the day!

In these conditions, the body is so limp and decreased metabolism in the extreme. Often these conditions make the perpetrator of his diet had died too soon to lose nutrition.

7. The Cabbage Diet
Indeed, it takes a lot of cabbage will not kill you. However, eating one type of food like that implemented in this diet can make a deficient body intake of essential nutrients.

Consequently, even less effective for weight loss. If you guys keep doing this diet, Stickler, try to balance with food intake-protein food or berkarbohidrat.

8. Tea Toxing
Later, the digadang-gadang herbal teas can make us gain weight. However, the method of tea taxing potentially losing the excess electrolyte in the body.

Consequently, we can feel the muscle cramps to a heart attack. If you guys “the lucky few”, at best, this is a method of the impact of water too often or not is stuck.