Sahlab an easy to make Middle Eastern Milk Pudding

Sahlab which originates from orchid is considered one of the most famous natural herbal plants. It is grown in many countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Greece, And Morocco. Iranian orchid is classified as the best orchid in the world in terms of taste, quality, and composition.

As for the orchid ( Sahlab ) drink, it is considered one of the famous rituals that people accept, especially in Eastern or Arab countries. In addition, it is a drink rich in many benefits. Let us learn about its most important benefits.

Benefits of Sahlab drink:

Sahlab drink contains the Orchid which is considered one of the richest natural elements in many mineral elements that the body needs in certain quantities on a daily and continuous basis, such as calcium, which is one of the basics of maintaining the health and solidity of bones, joints and muscles, and protects against related diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatism.

It is considered very useful in treating problems related to the digestive system, especially diarrhea, as it is a natural antidote to chronic diarrhea, as it is considered an astringent and soothing to the stomach.

It contains a high percentage of sucrose, which provides the body with the energy and vitality it needs, and compensates for the lack of sugar in it naturally, thanks to its stimulation of blood circulation in the body.

It contains approximately 45% of gelatinous substances and protein substances, as well as starch, which makes it a distinctive nutritional element for the health of the body in general.

After we learned together about the most important benefits of orchid, let us see how to make orchid at home.

How to make a nice cup of Sahlab:

Make Sahlab at home like the most famous cafe.

The ingredients of Sahlab:

4 cups of whole milk

¼ cup sugar

1 teaspoon sahlab powder

½ teaspoon of orange blossom water

2 tablespoons nuts/chopped fruits/liquid chocolate for decoration

The milk is placed on the fire for a minute.. Then we add the powdered sugar and sahlab to the milk and begin stirring well until the Sahlab consistency is slightly consistent. We add ½ teaspoon of orange blossom water to the Sahleb and continue stirring well until the Sahlab consistency is well combined.

It is served in cups and we add nuts, dried fruits and creamy chocolate as desired to decorate the cup.