Egyptian Rice Pudding is a tasty desert

Many Arab nations considers rice pudding to be one of their feel good sweet dishes, even though it is not an authentic Egyptian or Arabic dish. The dish, rice pudding, spread in the fifteenth century to the Ottoman Empire, where it was one of the official dishes at the time, and Turkish doctors prescribed it as a treatment for stomach problems. The Egyptians took the dish as a dessert at dinner parties and banquets.

Here is how to make rice pudding. Preparation time is about 40 minutes and the recipe is enough for 10 medium bowls.


Two Liters of full-fat milk.
One cup Egyptian rice.
One cup cold milk.
One cup of sugar.
Two tablespoons starch.
Two tablespoons of whipping cream powder.
One teaspoon liquid vanilla.

How to make rice pudding:

Wash the rice with water and filter.
Place a pot on the fire and add the milk and rice.
Stir the mixture until it boils, then remove from the heat.
Cover the bowl and leave until it cools.
Place the pot on the fire again, stir the mixture, then add the sugar.
Divide the amount of cold milk, put half of it in the cup of starch and stir, and add the other half to the Chantilly cream and stir.
Add cold milk to the rice pudding and stir well.
Add the Chantilly cream and stir well until the consistency becomes creamy.
Add liquid vanilla, stir and remove from heat.

Tips for serving Rice pudding with nuts:

It is preferable to wash and soak the rice for a quarter of an hour before use.
It is preferable that the milk be full-fat and unpasteurized to obtain a distinctive taste and flavor.
Stir the rice constantly to prevent it sticking to the floor.
Leaving the rice soaked in milk at the first stage helps it settle.
Coconut and nuts can be added to the mixture.
You can add chocolate, instant coffee, or lotus butter.
You can put cream on the surface and place it in the oven until the surface is browned and serve it hot.