Quick and Tasty Lentil soup recipe

Also known as “Shorbat Addas” is traditional Lebanese lentil soup. Yummy, healthy & filling. Perfect to break my fast with during the holy month of Ramadan, In this article, we show you how to make a quick and delicious lentil soup…but first, let us get to know the most important benefits of lentil soup.

These benefits consists of: Lentils are considered one of the richest legumes. It is equivalent to meat in its nutritional benefits. Lentils are beneficial for bones, teeth, blood, and nerves because they contain calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Lentils are considered one of the richest materials in energy. Lentils protect the heart and reduce a person’s chance of heart attacks and serious health problems. Lentils reduce the risk of diabetes or high blood pressure.

How to make traditional lentil soup, The Ingredients:

A cup of yellow lentils.

One medium sized onion.

Two potatoes, medium size.

Three carrots, large.

A teaspoon of cumin.

Five cups of boiling water.

A pinch of salt and black pepper.

Half a teaspoon of turmeric.

How to prepare the perfect bowl of lentil soup:

Wash the lentils well after cleaning them of impurities. Peel the potatoes and cut them into squares. Cut the carrots into squares after peeling them. Chop the onions after peeling them. We put the pot on the fire and add some oil, put the lentils, potatoes, carrots and onions, then stir them well. Add boiling water to the pot to boil all the ingredients for 45 minutes. Mix all ingredients on the blender. Add salt to the soup, black pepper, and a little turmeric and cumin, and put the ingredients on the fire for five minutes. It is served directly in serving utensils, Enjoy it.