Most dangerous type of foods in the world

Do you already know the most dangerous food in the world? Eating is the most crucial thing for everyone. In addition to creating a healthier body, the mind is also so more intelligent. However, it turns out that not all types of foods, either animal or plant, can be eaten. You need to be clever-clever sorts out in order for the benefits of “eating” can be felt. Well, several types of foods are dangerous and deadly.

1. Fish Fugu (Pufferfish)

Mackerel, which is capable of menggembungkan his body contains tetrodotoxin. It turned out to be very deadly. Toxins from these fish works by paralyzing nerves and make shortness of breath. Not impossible, the process of death would also be very slow and painful. But thank goodness, now in Japan, mackerel could have we feel his delight with the help of expert chefs who have experience. Allegedly, they use a special trick to not jeopardize the compound.

2. The Giant Frog of Africa (African Giant Bullfrog)

Kenya people usually make these giant-sized frogs as special dishes for some events in each year. The young frogs if treated with the wrong way are able to secrete toxins that can cause kidney failure. Despite a lot of casualties because of eating it, it nonetheless became a favorite dish every year in Africa.

3. Ackee

The National fruit of Jamaica was sold in the market with a special warning: If the seeds in it have been changed to black, then it will contain toxins. Consequently, you may feel nausea, dizziness, and vomiting even people who eat it. As it turns out, is not forever healthy fruits.

4. Sannakji

Sannakji is a typical food of Korea. Food is a young small-sized Octopus to moderate, then served with Sesame and spices. Even though it has cut off the tentacles of the Octopus can still move and actively stretched. Well as it turns out, the food is also quite deadly. Tentakelnya who still squirm live if not chewed properly, then it could suck throat and makes you choke up to cause death.

5. Shells of blood (Blood Clams)

Regardless of the name that is unique, cute clam shells have been banned from sale in China because it contains a lot of bacteria and viruses cause outbreaks of hepatitis A, typhoid and dysentery.

6. Hakarl

Hakarl is food from the Greenland Shark has been difermentaskani under a rock the past few weeks and was suspended for 3 months. Fermentation is done with the goal of reducing the toxins contained in the fish that live in the cold waters. Hakarl has taste and issued a strong ammonia scent.

7. the Casu Marzu

This cheese comes from the region of Sardinia, Italy. Casu marzu literally means “rotten cheese” in Sardinian language, and known as maggot cheese. The cheese is made using the larvae of the cheese fly lays eggs in it. Casu marzu is dangerous because it can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal diseases.

8. The Echizen Kurage

Japan jellyfish appears to already be one of favorites of food in Japan. But it turns out these foods are harmful to health. It seems like people in Japan like the adrenaline of extreme eating.

9. Fesikh

Egypt specialties must be served at least one year before it is safe to fish before eaten. The fermentation process that does not fit with the salt will make the fish contaminated by the bacteria so it becomes toxic for consumption.

10. Cassava

Is cassava dangerous? Quiet. Cassava is only toxic if eaten raw or served and is not really mature. Since substances contained in cassava will react with the enzyme in the intestine and turn into poison cyanide. So make sure you cook it properly you’ll not harm it.

Well, already know ‘ right? The most dangerous food? From now on, we have to be more clever to select the food menu so that the benefits of eating can be felt.