How to make POT NOODLES

When you work from home, the conundrum of what to have for lunch is much easier to solve than when you work in an office. For starters, you have the luxury of a kitchen all for yourself, no awkward silence while you wait for your turn to use the kettle, or having to have to warm up your food in a microwave that now stinks, thanks to the dude from accounting who loves fish. 

But, to be honest, what I miss the most is having a freshly made meal. This DIY Pot-o-Noodles recipe is the closest I feel to a homemade lunch made at the office. 

The quantities for this recipe are completely up to you; if you like more of something, by all means, add more or less. You get the idea. 

The same g樂威壯 oes for replacing or adding ingredients. As long as you have dry noodles and instant miso soup, you can pretty much add any other ingredient you like to spice up your meal. When it comes to noodles, I like to use fine rice noodles, but any other instant noodles would do.

When it comes to the miso soup though, I’m a little bit picker, I personally love the amazing flavor of Yutaka’s ‘Mellow Yellow’, mainly because is not a powder; it’s a paste made of two different types of miso, which creates a sweeter and lighter soup, not to mention, good for you.

Here is what I use for a single serving of DIY pot-o-noodles

  • 50g satchel Yukata miso soup
  • 1 portion of dried instant rice noodles
  • 1 small pak choi
  • 1 small spring onion
  • 1 small piece of fresh ginger
  • 1/4 tsp dried chili flakes
  • Dried lemon grass (you could also use fresh or lime juice)
  • Fresh coriander
  • Fresh tofu

The idea of this recipe is for you to have an easy, more nutritious and fresh lunch. So, when it comes to transportation, you have 2 options, either you put all the ingredients, but the miso soup satchel, into a glass jar and take it to the office, like this:

Or, if you are more like me and the idea of carrying a glass jar across London’s rush hour doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do, place the fresh ingredients in a resealable bag and the dry ones into a separate one. Et voilà! Zero fuzz, light, and easy to transport lunch. 

When it comes to assembling your lunch, add the miso soup paste to the rest of the ingredients, followed by around 1 1/2 cups of boiling water. Stir everything together for a minute just to make sure the paste has dissolved. Cover the jar or bowl with a lid and let the noodles cook for about 2 minutes, stir one more time, season to taste, and enjoy!