How to make fruity Cocktail smoothie

Many people buy multi-layered juice; This is because it contains a large group of diverse and delicious fruits, but food coloring may be added to it, or some unreliable places may use unhealthy fruit. This is why we present to you, Madam, a way to make fresh mixed juice at home, to ensure the cleanliness of the fruit and to provide your children and family with a healthy drink. Completely natural without any artificial ingredients.

It’s just a 5 minutes quick recipe. and it contains 230 calories

First layer components is A mango, peeled and cut into cubes.

Half a cup of orange juice.

A tablespoon of lemon juice.

Two tablespoons of honey.

Ice cubes.

Second layer components A cup of chopped strawberries.

A tablespoon of lemon juice.

Ice cubes.

How to prepare in just under 5 minute Apply the first layer mix the strawberries, lemon juice, and ice in an electric blender, then pour it into cups.

Apply the first layer then Apply the second layer by mixing the mango pieces, orange juice, lemon juice, honey, and ice in an electric blender, then pour it into cups over the strawberry layer without mixing the ingredients.

Just like that start, Serving fresh mixed juice Pour fresh mixed juice into serving cups and serve cold.

Serving the fresh mixed juice Nutrition information it contains 230 Calories, 56g Carbs, 0.47g Protein and only 0.1g Cholesterol.