Easy Recipe: Stuffed grape leaves

Grape leaves are considered one of the best foods that can be eaten at parties and family gatherings. They are a complete dish that can be eaten with pieces of meat or pieces of grilled chicken. Therefore, in this report, we review the method of making stuffed grape leaves in an easy and quick way, which is characterized by its delicious, delicious taste, As I point out that it is known to contain many beneficial nutrients for the body, and it can be prepared with a green Molokhiya dish, a green salad dish. How to make stuffed grape leaves.


Half a kilo of boiled grape leaves.
Two large cups of tomato juice.
Chopped onion.
tablespoon of local or Vegan ghee.
Salt and spices stuffed.
Two cups chicken or meat stock.
Two cups white rice, washed and drained well.

How to prepare grape leaves:

Prepare a suitable bowl and add the ghee with the onions and stir well for two minutes.
then add the tomato paste, salt and stuffing spices and leave the tomatoes on the fire until the mixture becomes noticeably thick.
then add the chopped parsley and rice, stirring well in a bowl with the addition of slices of onions and tomatoes.
then stuff the grape leaves with the rice mixture and stack them.
In an organized and tidy manner, after finishing, add the stock with a large spoon of ghee and cook the grape leaves over high heat for 10 minutes, then lower the heat and cook for 40 minutes.
Serve the grape leaves hot with chicken, meat or duck.