Delicious sauces to make your food better

Are you a fan of spicy foods? Has it been tried the most famous sauce in the world followed?
In other countries also have a typical chili sauce that is guaranteed to not lose spicily.

1. Piri-Piri (South Africa)

PIRI-piri is itself a cayenne pepper that originated in South Africa. In addition to a size slightly larger than the Cayenne in Indonesia, is said to taste chili is also much spicier. Piri-piri chillies or also called peri-peri is commonly used in a number of South African cuisine as well as a basic ingredient of making the sambal.

2. Sriracha (Thailand)

A typical condiment from the land of the white elephant, fairly well known among lovers of spicy cuisine. Sriracha, or another name Prik Sriracha is made from a red pepper mixture, garlic, salt, sugar, and vinegar.

Thailand’s community usually enjoys this sauce for seafood chocolate; besides the spicy flavor that has the sambal acid is also ideally for combined with food such as noodles, soup soups even hamburgers and hotdogs.

3. Tabasco (United States)

The name of this condiment may already not be familiar ya in telling us, hehe. Sambal, origin United States, constructed a fermented red pepper for a little over three years. Alamak eats chilli aja must wait for years.

For those of you who have not had a try, taste spicy and sour-dominated tabasco. As well as the cita-rasa and the typical aroma make tabasco cocolan so not only mandatory for Americans wrote but also in other countries.

4. Achaar (India)

We know chili Pickle is a complement which is made of pieces of cucumber, red onion and chili peppers then smothered in vinegar, salt, and sugar; however, unlike achaar belongs to India. Famous for the abundant spice-marinated dishes, chili sauce typical of India also use additional spices.

Achaar is usually made from a mixture of spices, fruits, and vegetables such as tomatoes, mango, cucumber, red onion, cabbage, lime and chili. All such material is then finely chopped and then seasoned with salt and vegetable oil. The taste is very spicy and usually, Achaar society India uses it in a variety of dishes such as curry and Samosas.
5. the Gochujang (South Korea)

Lifting his hand Korean drama lovers! Maybe the hobby for you guys watching drakor; never seen the apparition of chili sauce on this one. His name was typical spicy Gochujang; South Korea is better known for its chili paste Korea. Gochujang is made from a mixture of chili powder, glutinous rice flour, soybean paste, sugar, and salt as well.

Uniquely, Gochujang is first fermented into clay pots up to the red light, and the texture resembles a paste. Chilli taste this one is not terlalupedas and there is a taste of sweetness. In South Korea, spicy Gochujang is commonly used to mix dishes typically like Bulgogi, Tteokbokki, and Bibimbab.