10 Important tricks to have a clean odour-free fridge

Why is there an awful smell coming out of the fridge? Have you forgotten a dish with a bad smell without a tight lid? A bowl of Molokhiya spilled completely on the shelf of my refrigerator due to the crowding of dishes on the shelves!! These are the most common questions that come to mind over the course of a week or more because you travel for a long time or are busy throughout the week due to your work or study with your children. However, at the end of the week, we discover that the food “leftovers” on the fridge shelves are solid and inedible, and we are forced to get rid of the food by throwing it in the fridge. Garbage.

There are several reasons why food becomes spoiled in your fridge. It may be caused by a power outage or expiration of food, for example. As we at Foodys mentioned above, the containers may not be sealed tightly, or it may be caused by keeping onions, cheese, or fish not well wrapped. Therefore, you should pay close attention to cleaning the fridge at least once a week in order to avoid these results. and have a clean fridge.

Therefore, we have collected a set of tips and methods for you to follow when cleaning your fridge:

1-You must first disconnect the power from the refrigerator and dispose of unsuitable food leftovers to be recycled again, while keeping healthy and good food in tightly closed containers.

2- Remove all shelves and any parts inside the refrigerator, wash them with water added with lemon or vinegar, rinse them well, leave them to ensure they are completely dry, and then return them to their correct places.

3- Make sure to install the shelf as it was before so that it does not shake or fall out of place while placing foods on it.

4- Take care to clean the refrigerator drawer, as it is the place where food scraps and ice accumulate, which leads to unpleasant odors.

5- Pay attention to the refrigerator shelves. You can put plastic sheets to keep the shelves clean for the longest time.

6- Pay attention to materials that absorb unpleasant odors, such as oatmeal, dry coffee, or sodium bicarbonate, in the middle of the refrigerator. There are also those who recommend placing charcoal cubes to get rid of the unpleasant odor.

7- There are many other factors that cause strong, unpleasant odors in your refrigerator, such as raw fish. In this case, you can use yeast, dilute it with water, and spray it on the shelves of the refrigerator by hand or with a sprayer, then leave it for half an hour, then wipe it with a cloth dampened with water, after which it will disappear. This smells.

8-Organize the refrigerator again by returning its contents, putting foods that are about to expire in the front to be used before newer foods.

9-Put the cooked foods in tightly sealed plastic containers, and cover them with nylon bags before putting them in the refrigerator.

10- Monitor the smell of your refrigerator from time to time, and every once in a while wipe its edges, passing the shelves quickly, with a wet cloth mixed with fresh vanilla to give it a smart and distinctive scent.

To organize your fridge so that you can be aware of its contents from time to time, you must follow these methods:

1- Eggs need a place where the temperature is moderate, so it is preferable to store them on the middle shelf in their cardboard container instead of the egg rack.

2- Yogurt, sour cream, and yogurt are best stored in the lower, cooler shelf.

3- Packaged raw meat must be kept on the very cold bottom shelf and also in case it secretes any liquids so as not to contaminate the refrigerator.

4- Vegetables stay fresh for a longer period with little moisture, so it is preferable to keep them in the vegetable drawer.

5- Fruits are best kept unwashed and placed in the low-humidity drawer.

6- Butter and soft cheese do not need to be super cold, so they can be stored in the dairy shelf in the door, which is the last shelf.

7- Canned juices can be stored in the door shelves, but fresh juices should be stored on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, where they are colder. Always let us know your opinions, experiences, or anything we may not have mentioned in this article, Thanks for reading.